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For many years, our company has been focusing on new technological solutions to constantly increase its competitiveness on the market, and thus provide our clients with time and money savings in various areas of activity. One of such solutions implemented in the CashMir system is integration with the Autenti electronic signature platform.
If your company grants online loans and has not used this service so far, this information may be interesting for you.
Signing a contract in an electronic version is much faster than in a paper version. In order to sign the document in an electronic version, the borrower does not have to set up an account on the Autenti platform – the service is free for him, and he can sign using a laptop, smartphone or tablet with Internet access.
E-signature simplifies and shortens the document signing process to the necessary minimum and lowers the costs associated with preparation and sending.
Thanks to the integration via API, the process of sending documents is quick and simple: the lender sets up an account once, and then can send documents for signing from the CashMir system (automatic process).