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Business Intelligence

In the 21st century, running an effective business requires quick and accurate decisions at all levels. A multitude of information that comes to us every day and the attempts to capture those, that will allow us to make the right decisions are becoming more and more challenging. The main advantages of Business Intelligence systems are:

  • radical reduction of the preparation time of reports and analyzes,
  • detailed knowledge about your own business,
  • effective risk management,
  • effective forecasting,
  • reliability and consistency of management information.

To meet the expectations of customers, Dual Core offers the construction of systems that enable multidimensional analysis of data from virtually any transaction systems. The scope of our solutions includes, among others:

  • Data warehouses – aggregating data from multiple transactional systems (OLTP)
  • ETL processes (Extract, Transform, Load) – supplying data warehouses
  • Multidimensional analytical systems (OLAP) – allowing for reporting and analysis at many levels of detail
  • Big Data – collecting and analyzing large data sets
  • Machine Learning i Data Mining – systems of data drilling, machine learning, support making decisions using, inter alia, neural network algorithms, rules association trees, decision trees and time series

Attractive prices of our business intelligence solutions make them available also for small and medium-sized companies. In the future, the most important players on the market will be able to adapt to the growing requirements in the fastest and flawlessly. Business intelligence can contribute effectively to a company’s success.

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