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Usage of data analysis customers activities is an important element of risk management and support for credit decision-making processes. Verification of data obtained about the consumer (in particular, its creditworthiness and anti-fraud protection) may protect the company from possible losses and have an impact on the final financial result. Loan companies using the CashMir solution can receive a comprehensive risk assessment in a CRIF report form.

Information obtained from CRIF may also be the basis for internal scoring carried out as part of the CashMir system.
Data is transferred between systems in real time, including information on repayments, contract closure or changes in due amounts.

There are two types of consumer reports: data visualization (Dual Core solution based on CRIF data) (fig. 1) and a CRIF text report in pdf format (fig. 2), attached to the customer’s file in CashMir.

Fig. 1 (example)

Fig. 2 (example)